tajmall (tajmall) wrote in abcdetc,

Shelves Etc

Shoddy live debut at EarShot, Old Parliament House - Sat 20 May 06 - went something like this (while dreaming of Springsteen):

the would-be father-in-law in the dream i had
said quit with all this mister call me dad
and call the old lady mum as well
come on over lets do manthings
let's put up shelves

leave the women bitching in the kitchen son
let's tune the engine fix the transmission
while they twitter and talk amongst themselves
shoot hoops with my lad
and put up shelves

we'll go fishing and know what we're fishing for
we got clint eastwood as a next door neighbour
we can do carpentry with harrison ford
we'll saw planks cut logs watch sport
and put up shelves

we're having fun now we've cured the animal
let's slice the animal and barbeque the animal
the very animal we killed ourselves
douse ourselves in its blood and use it
to varnish our shelves

come on son get some cool ones opened up
down in the basement where we can admire my handiwork
my guns my porn my unexploded shells
a man feels good down here in his bomb shelter
with well-stocked shelves

if you want to spend time with my daughter
you've gotta prove yourself go off to war yeah
and if you come back in a body bag well hell
we'll wrap you in a flag salute you fine lad
and put you on the shelf

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