tajmall (tajmall) wrote in abcdetc,

i lost her to the theatre

i lost her to the theatre
and now i tread the boards
thankful for my script
being at this loss for words

they tend to hate me
the flower girls meant to attend me
how can they understand
i snub them for their own safety

our type win followers who try to collar us at the stage door
and when they don't get us
there's still no let up
it only makes them want us more

would it be worse still
if they knew what we're players for?
they wait outside, starry-eyed in love
not with us, but our stage-stalking enigmas

i lost her in the theatre
so now i tread the boards

the actor ... dying to get at her

Her.....to the dying actor
You lost in the first act and now I am free
The flowergirls who hate you,tends to me
for they understood I love them but only forkeeping me company
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