tajmall (tajmall) wrote in abcdetc,


so you wish you could get to know
a load of northern virgos

northern like yorkshire, northern like scottish
virgo like jarvo, virgo like jarvis
well don't worry luv, i'm an expert in this
and i suffer from extreme virgosis

aw yeah - virgo like liz frazer
from the cocteau twins
or virgo like jarvo ... well i know
i'm not him
but i hope i'll do
because i can be the virgo for you
virgo like a starcruise
virgo like stu
virgo like me
and i like you

and you like sweet bluddy jarvis
jesus, and don't you know what this
is like
lthis virgosis

it's me birthday soon
come on - gizza kiss

'you've stung me once / you're always on the attack... so why then do i keep coming ... coming back?
could be because you're just so
good in the sack"
"i am meant to be shy ... but so am i meant to be imaginative ... would you like to see what i can do with this? would you like to know imagined? and then what happened ... after that ... how i had to clean up the stains and take a bath
my, my, my, my....
: (it's getting very she's a lady) in my mind
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