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Etc Music
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experiment in net-space postage for ETC - a band configured to play as quartet, trio, duo & solo. done for sheer accessibility because live journal seems fastest & most user-friendly to ETC's luddite scataloguer chief pimp and archivist (whose Soviet-era computer is often unable to access Etc's blog & Etc's MySpace areas).
2046, a ghost is born, a hard day's night, adrian henri, aerial m, american music club, amélie, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, astreal, awkward duet, baybeats, ben harrison, billie holiday, billy bragg, black rebel motorcycle club, blind blake, blind willie johnson, blixa bargeld, blonde redhead, bo diddley, bob dylan, bowie, brian eno, brian patten, brmc, caetano veloso, charles mingus, cheap red wine, chuck berry, chungking express, claire denis, coffee, daniel clowes, david bowie, david pajo, david shrigley, domino records, dyfectra, east river pipe, echo and the bunnymen, eddie izzard, electric penguin, ella guru, etc, faye wong, federico fellini, feedback, fellini, force vomit, guitars, humpback oak, jesus & mary chain, jesus and mary chain, jim carrey, jim o'rourke, jimmy reed, joey santiago, john peel, johnny cash, kes, killrockstars, kurt vonnegut jr, l. cohen, leonard cohen, los lobos, marx brothers, maxïmo park, michel gondry, mississippi john hurt, model lipstiques, modest mouse, mudhoney, neil young, nels cline, neu!, nick cave, nina simone, nirvana, oscar wilde, paris texas, peter blake, philip larkin, pixies, plain sunset, polkadots, pop art, pop whizzee, prince, pug jelly, pulp, richard hawley, roger mcgough, scott walker, scotty moore, serenaide, serge gainsbourg, sheffield, shreddies, skip james, slim harpo, slint, son house, songwriting, sonic youth, sons & daughters, stoned revivals, talking heads, the arcade fire, the beatles, the cranebuilders, the decemberists, the invisible cities, the kinks, the league of gentlemen, the magnetic fields, the padres, the ramones, the shangri-las, the simpsons, the smiths, the stooges, the velvet underground, thin white rope, tintin, tiramisu, w.h.auden, wilco, wong kar wai, yankee hotel foxtrot, zircon lounge